FSIO-Input-72 board details.

FSIO-Input-72 board provides 72 inputs available for the simulator input devices (buttons, switches, rotary switches, encoders). IDC-10 socket connector and a corresponding ribbon cable is used for the connection.

FSIO-Input-72 board

A single IDC-10 connector allows to connect:
– eight single input devices (pins 1-8)
– GND signal (pin 9)
Pin number 10 is not used.
There are 9 IDC-10 connectors in total on the board, thus 9 x 8 inputs = 72 total inputs available.
FSIO-In and FSIO-Out connectors allows to connect the board to FSIO Input/Output chain.

FSIO input-pins numbering in a single IDC-10 connector is shown below:

FSIO-Input-72 IDC-10 socket – input mapping

FSIO Input pins are numbered from 0 (not 1) and the first input (input number ‘zero’) is connected to IC1 chip. So first group of 8-inputs is provided via IC1 socket (inputs from 0 to 7), second group 8-inputs is provided by IC2 (inputs from 8 to 15) and so on… until we reach the last chip IC9 with last 8-inputs group (inputs numbered from 63 to 71).

There are 2 important remarks:
1. The IDC-10 connector pin number and FSIO-Input number are not mapped 1:1. Please check the input mapping picture above for details.
2. The IC1 sockets description mistakenly states IC1_OUT (same for other ICn respectively) eventually suggesting we have outputs here, which may lead to a confusion. Descripton will be corrected to IC1_IN in the new revision. This board provides FSIO INPUTS only.


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