Year: 2018

FSIO-Gen-I/O board

FSIO General I/O board has been designed to allow interfacing inputs and outputs to the simulator hardware.

Inputs There are 4 input 74LS165 ICs providing total total of 32 inputs available on the board. Input devices (buttons, switches, encoders etc.) can be connected to the board with the use of IDC-10 connectors. Each single IDC-10 socket is connected to 8 inputs on a single chip providing: IC1_OUT – inputs 0 to 7, IC2_OUT – inputs 8-15, IC3_OUT – inputs 16-23 and IC4_OUT – inputs 24-31. REMARK: Although socket names shows _OUT in the name on the silkscreen layer, these are INPUTS and no OUTPUTS here. Descriptions will be corrected to _IN in a future release.

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FSIO-Input-72 board details.

FSIO-Input-72 board provides 72 inputs available for the simulator input devices (buttons, switches, rotary switches, encoders). IDC-10 socket connector and a corresponding ribbon cable is used for the connection.

FSIO-Input-72 board

A single IDC-10 connector allows to connect:
– eight single input devices (pins 1-8)
– GND signal (pin 9)
Pin number 10 is not used.
There are 9 IDC-10 connectors in total on the board, thus 9 x 8 inputs = 72 total inputs available.
FSIO-In and FSIO-Out connectors allows to connect the board to FSIO Input/Output chain.

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