CPU board prototyping

The first CPU board prototype is working.

The copper clad with traces has been etched at home, at a time when children were at school.

After etching and cleansing with water the holes were drilled on a CNC machine. You can see the CNC in action here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3bw7jIPbdF8

A little bit of time spent on soldering components, inserting the CPU and board is ready for testing.

This is one of the moments which is giving you a big shot of happiness or drains your remaining energy out (if it does not work… again 😉 This time everything works, as expected – you can the the light yellow LED on the picture below :):):)

As this is the only FSIO board I have at the moment, I can only test a push button action. For the test I used Microsoft FSX Cessna C-172 parked on the ground, FSIO-IOControl and SIOC. The button was programmed to switch ON/OFF the Auto Pilot Master switch.


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