Welcome to MyFirstBoeing.com – FSIO based Boeing 737 hobby flight simulator project.

MyFirstBoeing Boeing 737 cockpit setup is being built fully on FSIO components, SIOC, FSUIPC (XPUIPC). It has been tested so far with the following flight simulator software:
  .Microsoft FSX and PMDG
  .Microsoft FSX and ProSIM

My FSIO adventure started in a cold winter evening of 2014… I was digging the Internet for flight SIM related resources and I found a great site of FSIO. I read all posts and once getting the concept, I knew: FSIO is the best (in my opinion) interfacing solution for the flight simulator I am going to build.
FSIO provides support for simulator inputs devices (buttons, switches, rotary encoders, analog inputs), outputs (LEDs, 7-segment displays), servo motors via regular USB connection. Its great advantage is USB devices addressing – no matter what USB port (or USB hub) you (re-)plug the FSIO board, the logical ID will remain the same and no changes to SIOC script will be needed. With the use of FSIO it is possible to fly any aircraft, which supports Peter Dowson\’s FSUIPC offsets and SIOC.

As a hobby project, we keep designing FSIO components in a way, that it is available for hobbyists. It is possible (although not a piece-of-cake) to build FSIO printed circuit boards at home. Nevertheless, if you do not want to play with copper clads, acids, soldermasking etc. we offer the way to order professionally made boards and component kits and required software in our FSIO Online Shop.

You will find here a bit of build experience, configuration examples, cockpit design success stories and failures (should not the order be opposite :), flight sim tools and add-ons recommendation, references to other builders publicly available resources (websites and YouTube channels).

It is not only that I have learned a lot from this project, while working on FSIO improvements, prototyping, testing etc., but what is more important, I was honored to initiate great friendships with fellow builders around the world, which is the greatest part.